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SolSplits - On-chain revenue splitting made easy

SolSplits is a set of on-chain, composable smart contracts that offers a suite of API's and tools that help you manage, create, distribute, and custody revenue-generating NFT's and smart contracts- quickly, easily, transparently, securely, with the best user experience on Solana.

Our Vision:

For the individual and team that knows their product will change the way we interact with Web3, SolSplits will be there to unlock payments and make it simple for users to participate and get paid.

Our Mission:

SolSplits helps individuals and organizations manage their payment and accounting operations, so that they can focus on their core business.

Your business is to sell your products, scale your projects, and accelerate the adoption of the tools and infrastructure you're building.

Our mission is to make sure that in so doing, your sales cycle begins and ends with how awesome what you're building is. You, your customers, your partners, and your ecosystem shouldn't have to worry about how, where, and when people are getting paid, how revenue splits will be accounted for, how revenues will be distributed, and how transactions will affect one's tax basis.

SolSplits helps you automate, track, and manage all of these functions easily across the Solana ecosystem


  • Composable: Each contract is associated with a payable address to receive SPL tokens and NFT's

  • Onchain: No third party APIs or external dependencies

  • Cheap: 0.005SOL for manual transactions, or 1.5% for ongoing, automated transactions

  • Transparent: Allows all parties to a split to see what they're paid, when they're paid, and who gets what

  • Ongoing: Automated transactions will continue so long as the underlying revenue-generating NFT, smart contract, or network exists.

Find us on Discord to learn more about SolSplits. Questions, comments, input, feature requests, ideas- we'd love to hear from you!

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