Compressed NFT's

SolSplits uses a novel Solana feature called State Compression to drastically bring down the cost of transactions to ensure our products are affordable and scalable. Metaplex and Solana Labs developed compression for NFTs to serve both traditional web2 and new web3 enterprise customers that serve millions and billions of users, cheaply and efficiently. Compressed NFTs (cNFTs) are 2,400-24,000x cheaper than uncompressed "normal" NFTs, while still retaining identical data structures. cNFTs and their uncompressed NFT counterparts are issued and verified on chain. The main difference is that cNFTs store metadata off-chain, while uncompressed Solana NFTs store that data on-chain.

For a more technical guide on how State Compression works, check out Solana's subject guide, as well as Metaplex's

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