"Vaults" e.g. the "Proxy Wallet" are a core feature of SolSplits. They unlock meant features, and allow any user to:

  • connect a Solana-compatible wallet

  • designate the vault as the aggregate destination for the deposit of fungible tokens and NFT's

  • compile any microstransactions in one place, allowing a user to choose when and where they take a taxable event to the designated destination wallet or account

  • send the Vault address to a recipient for direct deposit into the Vault

  • initiate a swap of assets in the Vault using our Jupiter integration, allowing for quick liquidity through to other fungible currencies

  • connect an individual or business bank account and off-ramp assets with a swap directly to fiat using our Coinflow integration.

  • view Vault balances and recent transactions and visualize the historic portfolio value

  • (soon) stake SOL directly from their Vault using SolSplits' Solana Validator

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